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Settled in Tampa, Florida our company was founded 18 years ago as a family business of two experienced lawyers. Ever since, we’ve been developing the network of connections, expanding into other fields of business and increasing the overall number of regular and satisfied clients. What started as service for common law and legal issues of individuals and entrepreneurs has grown over the years into a steady, reliable company providing a wide range of legal services for various clients.

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Our law firm provides a large scale of services, including real estate transactions, legal support for emerging businesses, mortgage legislation, estate planning, individual advising, divorce and testimonial procedures, criminal defense, negotiation on behalf of our clients and plenty more.


Twenty years of experience is behind our company. During these years, we’ve forged our way to become reputable, trusted and successful law firm, expanding our knowledge and experience with every new case.


All the attorneys included in our team are well - educated, experienced, skilled, dedicated and pleasant to work with. Each of them is focused on narrow field of law, and legal issues and most of them spend a certain number of years in the court.


Since our leading policy is to keep all our clients satisfied with provided services and received treatment in our company, the prices of our services are competitive and affordable to a wast majority of individuals and businesses.

Expert legal solutions

Legal solutions

The great skill of a good, experienced lawyer lies in his ability to analyze a complex legal issue, come up with the best strategy and a legal solution and apply his thorough knowledge to solve the complex issue on behalf of a client. Our experts provide all of this. So, if you’re struggling with legal aspects of buying a house or business, completing a transaction or founding a company, the best is to hire an expert’s eye to monitor the process, guide you, intervene and execute the legislative procedures.

Clients Reviews

The attorneys in this company handled the case of my divorce. The first thing that impressed me the delicate and discrete approach they had according to the matter. Their professionalism made it all go smooth, and the patience helped us release the tension. I got warm and human approach together with skilled and expert’s approach. Exactly what I needed.

Daniel Staton

A few months ago I decided to found my own business but had no idea about legal and legislative aspects of the process. These guys have done impressive work in my case, leaving me time to worry about business, while they handle the legal aspect with great knowledge and experience. The team of attorneys I certainly recommend to anyone in need of help with legal issues.

Jason Jackson

I have moved into Tamp area, Florida, recently after selling my previous and purchasing bigger house. I was looking for a trusted and skilled lawyer to guide me through the process of real estate trading and to negotiate on behalf of me. The service I got in this company was excellent. They made this trading lucrative for me and effortless because they handled all the steps of the process. The lawyers are highly professional, dedicated and patient. My honest recommendation.

Kelly Tolbert

Priorities And Business Strategies In Our Law Company

A satisfied client is at the mere center of the business philosophy in our company. We strongly believe that both, the results of our services and the treatment a client receives, add up to the overall impression about our firm. We provide legal advice and services to individuals, businesses and corporations and every client get a full attention, dedication, highly professional approach and equal treatment. Combining excellent results, exceptional stuff and versatility of services, our company gained a great reputation and a huge number of regular clients over the years.

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