April 3, 2017

Tips For Finding A Good Business Lawyer


Many entrepreneurs hire in a short-term a general lawyer prior founding their own business to help them handle the legal issues of the mere business foundation. However, once the business emerges and starts expanding, you will need a legal representation and a steady, mutually beneficial relationship with a chosen business lawyer. There’s a saying that a good legal advice costs and the bad one are easy to find. If you don’t have a previous experience with business lawyers, here are some useful tips on how to choose a good lawyer for your business or company.

Consider lawyer when the time is right

Business-lawNot all the clients and their businesses require a legal advising and presentation at the same stage of development. Some clients hire a lawyer before founding a business. Others consider lawyer after a certain period when the gained budget of the company allows it. However, the primary advice is to hire a lawyer before realizing any crucial decision or change. If you are considering some new contracts, establishing a partnership or accepting investor’s money, the best is to have a legal expert monitor the process. Ask around for a good business lawyer recommended by the people you trust or simply compare various business lawyers or law firms and their prices and choose the one that suits your needs.

Hire the right kind of lawyer

Most general lawyers and business attorneys are capable of providing a basic set of services, such as setting various contracts, a partnership agreements or simple negotiations. These services usually suffice at the mere beginning of your business’s development. However, when the company reaches significant size and power, you should consider a more specialized attorney. If you hire one general business lawyer to be your regular chosen lawyer, he’ll direct you to the right kind of specialized attorney. These attorneys are usually narrow focused onto one specific field of business and provide high-quality expert’s advice. These attorneys should understand the mere nature, steps of the process and requirements of your business and adjust all the documents and services according to your specific needs.

Use optimal share of budget for a lawyer

BusinessKeep in mind that a good legal advice costs, but the high cost is not always a guarantee of the quality service. Discuss the fees openly with your potential attorney and feel free to negotiate, ask or change a lawyer. Most lawyers use fees per hour, some of them charge a total bill at the end of a given project. However, try to find the fine balance between the quality of service, the budget you can afford and the fees of the attorney.

Law and legal firms for bigger businesses

Aside from individual attorneys, you can always consider hiring specialized law and legal firms providing legal services. These companies gather various types of lawyers in their teams, so you’ll probably get the whole service at one place, but it goes with significant price. However, law firms vary in size (and fees), so look for the firm that fits into your budget and meets your specific needs.


Simon Hamilton