April 3, 2017

Warning Signs That Discover A Bad Lawyer


The mere fact that you had to hire a lawyer means that you are dealing with some serious legal issue that requires professional assistance. Choosing a dedicated, experienced, educated and fair lawyer that will truly fight that legal procedure for you or with you is an essential aspect of winning the case. However, there are plenty of aspects that make a good lawyer. Skills and results in the courtroom are just one of them. Fees and the overall cost of the lawyer, the style, and attitude, as well as the mere personality of the lawyer play a significant role too. If you don’t have any previous experience with hiring an attorney, you can easily make a wrong choice. However, even if you realize you’ve chosen a bad professional in the middle of the trial procedure, remember that a contract with a lawyer is not a lifetime commitment. Here are some signs of a potentially bad lawyer. If you keep seeing them in your expert, consider hiring another one.

Good communication and determined action plan

Bad-lawyerIf you find yourself frequently waiting for the answers, direction, and updates from your attorney, trying to reach him and failing, being left on hold on for quite some time, not being instructed properly and on time about important aspect, maybe you should bring up the communication issue with your chosen lawyer. Sometime, this turns out to be just a technical issue which can be solved if both of you determine a precise scheme of communication. If this fails, you are being neglected, and you should hire another expert. A similar thing goes for the action plan. You lawyer should get some time to analyze the case and come up with a strategy. But this strategy should be clearly exposed to you and should get the regular updates about every next step in the process. If you get an ongoing impression of everything being postponed, delayed, slowed down or circling in a spot, find someone to deal with a case.

Lawyer’s personality counts too

LawyerOk, the fact is that you need him to solve your legal issues in the best possible manner, but since the important matter in your life is at stake and you’ll be spending quite some time with him, you should feel comfortable with that expert as a person. The best lawyers deal with people, not with cases and tend to make clients feel safe and reassured, instead of nervous, worried and tensed.

Result matter the most

All the aspect above of the cooperation with a chosen lawyer matter and tend to make a difference reflected onto the whole case, but the results on the court are what matters the most. If you get the feeling that you’re constantly getting bad results or worse – no results at all, consider asking for a second opinion or hiring a brand new professional.

Simon Hamilton